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Lloyd Washing Machine Fully Automatic Front Load IntelliSteam Dry 10.5 kg

Lloyd  Washing Machine Fully Automatic Front Load IntelliSteam Dry 10.5 kg 

  • Hygine+Steam
    Water filled in before main washing program, and heat to generate the steam. Main advantage of Hygiene+Steam is to 99.99% sterilize & deodorize the laundry.
  • 2 in 1 Washer Cum Dryer Machine
    Condensation Drying Technology ensures 99% Dry for your clothes and Ready to Wear . Freedom from Drying problems during winter and monsoons.
  • BLDC Inverter Motor
    This durable, efficient & powerful motor adjusts the power consumption depending on the workload and also reduces the noise level and vibration.
  • 1500 Revolution per minute
    "Programmed to operate on as low as 400 revolution per minute and goes up to 1500 revolution per minute *Industry highest (in 10.5 kg) for better Cleaning and Drying results. Higher the RPM, higher the wash/Dry performance."
  • Baby Care
    This special wash program make the baby's wear cleaner and make the rinse performance better to protect the baby skin
  • Woolmark
    This washinig machine has passed rigorous and independent testing and has been approved by The Woolmark Company. Woolmark is a qualified choice to keep your favorite wool apparel.

Made In India 

1 Year Warranty 

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